Consignor Info

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Length of Consignment

Once the contract has been signed and items have been left for consignment, the initial contract period is for 90 days. This means that all home décor items or furniture must remain on consignment for at least 90 days or a fee of 20% of the asking price will be assessed. After the initial 90 day period if your home décor or furniture items do not sell they will remain for another 90 day period. You do however have the option to pick up any unsold items. After the 2nd 90 day period remaining home décor items may be stamped “FINAL MARKDOWN” and sold for ½ price. It is the responsibility of the consignor to keep track of the dates that their items were dropped off which allows them to know when their 90 day and 6 month period is up.

Getting Paid

Consignor checks will be ready on the 5th of each month; they will NOT BE READY BEFORE THE 5th. Checks can be picked up any time after the 5th of each month but once the checks are printed they are only good for 90 days. We DO NOT CALL THE CONSIGNOR IF THEY HAVE A CHECK. We will mail a check with a self addressed stamped envelope for out of town consignors only. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the consignor to see whether or not they have a check each month. We recommend, for both convenience of the consignor and the reduction of phone calls on the 5th, that consignors visit the “You’ve Got Money” page which is updated on the 5th of each month. This page contains an alphabetical list of consignors who have checks for only the previous month. If you do not see your name it just means you do not have a check written this month. The list does not roll over, therefore you must check the list every single month. Most importantly due to privacy reasons only the person whose name is on the check is allowed to pick it up. Checks will not be printed unless the consignors account has a balance of at least $10; Any balance under $10 will just roll over to the next month. A $20 fee will be assessed for any check that needs to be reprinted. This will include all outdated, lost, or stolen checks.


Several things are considered when pricing items; condition, style, color, brand and original price. We also welcome the input of the consignor in coming to a decision.

Home Decor Consignment Drop Off

We accept drop offs of Home Décor items Mon-Fri 10:00AM-5:00PM and on Saturdays by appointment only. All items must be clean and in good condition; any unclean items will be returned. All small home décor items must be in a bag, box, or bin that can be left until we are able to go through your items. All boxes, bags, and bins must be labeled with your name and phone number prior to arrival. Please do not label each item in your container, only large items such as lamps, artwork, or items that can not be contained need to be labeled individually. We will return your boxes or bins once we have gone through your items. We will call you to pick up any home décor items that we were unable to accept. Once you have been called you will have 7 days to pick up your returns or they will be donated to charity.

Furniture Consignment Drop Off

ALL APPROVED FURNITURE CONSIGNMENTS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Furniture consignments are by pre-approval and appointment only. Please call the store and speak with a furniture manager. Information such as age, purchase price, where you purchased, style, and condition will be some of the questions you will be asked. This will help us determine if this is something we can accept, and also helps us with pricing your items on the showroom. Furniture cannot have any rips, stains, missing hardware, pet hair, pet or smoke odor, mold, mildew, water damage. Glass must be cleaned, fabric vacuumed, and wood dusted. Your furniture needs to be ready to go straight onto the showroom floor. If it is not cleaned, this will affect the selling price.

Items We Accept

We accept and sell a wide variety of home décor and furniture. Visitng our showroom photos or store locations will help you in determining the types of items you would like to bring.

Items We Do Not Accept

Unframed or metal framed art, sun faded prints, or art with dated matting.
Sewing machines or sewing tables.
Lamps without shades or with yellow or damaged shades. Wiring should be up to code.
Glassware, stemware sets, or china that include less than four place settings.
Glassware and china that is repaired or chipped.
Items with missing or broken hardware, slats, rails, pegs, brackets, etc.
Items in need of repair, cleaning, refinishing or re-upholstery.
Entertainment centers, unless they will hold a 55'' flat screen TV.
Items that have been stored in non climate-control, including garages.
Draperies, and towels.
Electronics, other than lamps or clocks.
Furniture with pet hair, water damage, body oil stains, strong odors such as smoke, or mildew.
Waterbeds or mattresses.
No beds that do not include rails, slats, or a frame.

Pick up and Delivery

We offer this service for those who are unable to get their furniture home or to the shop. The charge is based upon location, stairs, weight, and number of loads. Please note that our moving crews are not permitted to move your existing furniture or other household items in order to deliver or pickup consignments. To avoid possible damage during your delivery or pickup, please make sure paths are clear of existing furniture, pictures, mirrors, accessories, etc. Delivery personnel will attempt to deliver the purchased items or pickup consignment items in a safe and controlled manner but will not move furniture if they feel it will result in damage to the product or your home.

Insurance on Consignments

As with any business, we are insured to some extent. Hidden Treasures, Inc. does not assume any responsibility for items damaged due to fire, flood, theft, or any other cause.


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