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Hidden Treasures Upscale Consignment is not your typical resale shop. Our displays and settings make you feel like you are in a Showcase home. We are an exciting place where people love to visit and see our quality furniture and home décor that arrives daily. You will always find a unique and unusual selection at great prices.

Consignment Is

Our business would not be possible without the unique, high quality furniture and home decor that we receive from our consignors. A piece that may not work in your home would be perfect for someone else's home. Hidden Treasures acts as a selling agent for you, displaying your furniture and home decor in appealing settings. We work with you, the consignor, to determine a selling price that is fair for both you and the customer. Many things are taken into consideration when determining the resale price. Once your items sell we split the selling price with you 50/50.

Benefits of Consignment

Our method of consignment is hassle free and maximizes your earnings potential when compared to garage sales and classified ads. We display your items in a high traffic setting, which greatly increases exposure to prospective buyers. Once your item sales you may pick up your check after the 5th of the following month. 

Two Locations!

Our Clear Lake location is 10,000 square feet and our Pearland location is 15,000 square feet of beautiful showroom space!